Walk through anywhere.. virtually !
  1. How do I navigate the walk through?
    Click on the arrows to transition between two locations. Click and drag on the image to pan left/right or up/down.
  2. Why is the panning not smooth sometimes?
    The panning and transitions are smoother on faster computers and if your internet access is fast (>1Mbps). On slower computers you may experience some jitter.
  3. Why do I see black screen (sometime) when I transition between rooms?
    Again, related to the internet speed. The panorama loads faster (and hence is seamless) if the internet speed is faster.
  4. How much does it cost to create a walkthrough?
    It depends on the layout of the property. The cost is less than the price of video tours and a bit more than that of regular virtual tour. Please call us for more precise quotes.
  5. How do you create the tour?
    Our professional photographer will take panoramic pictures with special camera equipment at strategic locations on your property to create smooth transitions. We then stitch the images and configure the tour using our sophisticated software to create a realistic walkthrough.
  6. This looks similar to video tours that are already available!
    Veewalk is better than Video tours, because it is truly 'Interactive' and gives the user control to navigate and explore as if you were there.
  7. Is Veewalk available on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices?
    We are working on mobile platforms and will be releasing apps in the near future.